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Lambertville East Information Page

Texas Eastern filed the Lambertville East compressor upgrade project for the compressor on Route 179 in West Amwell, NJ with in December, 2017.   The proposed project would replace two existing natural gas powered compressor units with two new ones.  The primary goals of the project are:
  1. To provide additional natural gas volumes to PSEG and Elizabethtown Gas
  2. To reduce Nitrous Oxide (NOX) emissions levels down below new NJDEP limits (it currently is in violation)
  3. To perform interconnection work for the proposed PennEast Pipeline project and major system maintenance
In some respects this may be a good thing for West Amwell Township, as the new compressors may eliminate some current pollution problems from the plant, but in other ways the Texas Eastern approach may be deficient.  The Township will be intervening on the Lambertville East docket, and residents should as well to ensure our concerns about the Compressor Station in general and in respect to this upgrade are heard.
In particular there are concerns that:
  1. The proposed upgrade will be changing out natural gas compressors for other natural gas compressors.  Electrical compressors would be much more desirable for a range of reasons
  2. While NOX emissions will be down due to the upgrade, the increased power proposed (17,000+HP) will dramatically raise the levels of many other pollutants and toxins into our air
  3. The odor and noise issues around the plant are well-known and should be addressed
Below are all the public filing documents below from the project's FERC application.  The most useful document to understand the project is Resource Report 01 - General Description.   The Legal Application to FERC is also useful but is written in dense legalese.  The remaining files are resource reports which look at the project from various perspectives and impacts (Water impact, animals and plants, soils, geology, etc).
FERC Docket: CP18-26-000

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