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It's not too late!

There are now over 1,600 intervenors on the federal docket, with more than 1,570 of them opposed to the project!
While the window to file what's known as a "timely" intervention closed October 2015, it's not too late to file as an intervenor on the PennEast pipeline.  In addition, intervening during the DEIS comment period is NOT considered out-of-time, so a normal motion to intervene can be filed.
Outside of those periods, interested parties can still file what's called a "motion-out-of-time" or "untimely" intervention.  These are motions to intervene that are filed late with the commission.  The standard for such late filings are higher than those for motions to intervene in-time.
Contact us at if you wish to file as a late intervenor out of time.
Join us as one of the thousand

What's going on?

For the past year, PennEast has been in what's called the "pre-filing" stage with the federal government.  On September 25, 2015 this changed, as PennEast formally filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  This filing changes the whole pipeline approval process.  One major change is that individuals, organizations, municipalities, and agencies who wish to be involved in the proceedings and have standing have to file a declaration to FERC that they wish to be an intervenor.  And you only have until October 29th, 2015 to do so.  If you miss this window it is much harder to become accepted, and you can lose vital legal rights.


What the heck is an intervenor?


An intervenor is a person who reserves the right to object to a pipeline and to FERC's decisions.  An intervenor can also participate in (or bring) legal proceedings involving FERC and PennEast.  They are also accorded elevated attention in FERC's decision making process and final decision, and intervenor comments must be addressed in FERC's Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and decisions.  


If you don't declare yourself as an intervenor, you can't challenge FERC, and they can ignore your comments.  You still have the right to comment as a non-intervenor, but FERC can choose to ignore your comments at will.


Most importantly, if FERC issues a decision that impacts you and you don't like it, YOU CAN ONLY EFFECTIVELY PROTEST IF YOU ARE AN INTERVENOR.  Non-intervenors are locked out of critical portions of the process.


NOTE: being an intervenor costs nothing, involves no lawyers, and places no burden on you other than receiving more email on the project.

Who can be an intervenor?

Anyone who is a "stakeholder" in PennEast's outcome can request to be an intervenor. And you don't have to be an impacted landowner or abutter to the pipeline.  If you care about this pipeline decision and it's outcome, then you qualify.




How do I intervene?


Join the 1,000 in demanding your rights and ensuring your voice is heard.  Follow the links below to see how to file or to have a citizen's group file electronically for you.

Text instructions on intervening electronically


The following document shows you page by page how to get on the web site and declare yourself as an intervenor.

How To Intervene Electronically.pdf

Intevenor demo video


Below is a video that shows step-by-step how to declare yourself as an intervenor.

Youtube Demo

Still confused?


You're not alone.  Everyone has been confused by this process, and they seem to make it as difficult as possible to get this done. If you need help figuring this all our, please contact us at

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