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FERC Comment Instructions

This page contains simple directions for how to electronically comment on the PennEast DEIS.

If you have any questions or concerns please email

Easy commenting in 6 simple steps


This section shows how to submit simple comments to the FERC about the PennEast DEIS.  This easy commenting option is called "eComment".


Our goal is to submit as many substantial, fact-based comments as possible. Please submit multiple comments between now and September 12!


1. Click the link below:


2. Enter Your Information

-- Include Name, Email address, and phone number (optional). -- Type the characters in the picture into the box provided (the "Capchta").
-- Click “Authorize”.

-- For the next step, an email will be sent to your email account

3. Check Your Email

-- Look for the “FERC eComment Request” email.

-- Ensure your email system does not block emails from; check “Junk” or “Spam” mail

-- In the email, click on the first link to display the “Submit eComment” screen.

4. Enter the Docket Number

-- Enter CP15-558-000, the PennEast pipeline docket number. -- Click “Search”.

-- After a moment, the PennEast Application will appear in the search results.

-- Click the blue “+” button to add it to your “Selected Dockets”.


5. Enter Your Comments

-- Enter your comments by typing directly onto the submission webpage, or Copy and Paste your comments from a Word or text document.


-- Write your comments in Word (or other editor), then copy and paste them into the form


6. Submit the form

-- Simply click the “Submit” button and your comments will be sent to FERC.

The less-easy way (sending documents to FERC)


If you wish to send maps, or PDF or Word documents (or really anything other than a short text comment), then you need to use a more complicated option.  For this option you must be registered with FERC.  If you're not registered, please go to the section "How to Register with FERC" below, then come back here when you're in.

1. Click the following link to log-in with your ID:

2. Click the e-Filing link

3. Enter Filing Type Information

  • Click “General” in the first column.

  • Click “Comment (on Filing...) in the second column.

  • Click “Next”

4. Enter Docket #

- Enter CP15-558-000

  • Click “Search”

  • Click the blue “+” to Select

  • Click “Next”

5. Upload your document(s)

  • Choose “File” (or “Browse”)

  • Locate your folder with the file(s) you seek to upload (e.g. TXT file, Word .Doc or a .PDF; you can provide comments in a variety of formats; visit for details. )

  • Click “Upload” to include your file(s)

  • Click “Next”

6. Specify Filing Party

  • Click the “As an Individual” button

  • Click “Next”

7. Enter your email address

  • Enter your email address (the one you used to register with FERC)

  • Click “Add as Signer”

  • Click “Next”, after you see your email address appear in the box at the bottom


8. Submit the form

- Click “Submit” button. Your submission is now complete.

Comment via Postal Mail (no computer required)


We advise you submit your comments electronically, but if you are unable to, you may submit via mail. If so, we encourage you to mail by mid-August to ensure receipt and filing.


Mail to:


Nathaniel J. Davis

Sr., Deputy Secretary

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

888 First Street, NE, Room 1A Washington, DC 20426

Please indicate that you are commenting on the DEIS for the PennEast Pipeline project, docket CP15-558-000.

How to register with FERC


If you wish to submit documents to FERC on the docket, you will need to be registered and login to that account.  To register with FERC please go through the following steps:

1. Click the link below to go to the registration page:

2. Fill in your information on page 1

-- Include Name, Email address password you will use for the site

-- Type the characters in the picture into the box provided (the "Capchta").

3. Hit NEXT

-- Hit the NEXT button.  Do not hit "DONE" or your registration will be incomplete

3. Enter address and phone number

  • Enter the remainder of your personal info

  • Click “Next”

4. Click "Done" on the following page

  • Ignore the text on this page and just hit "Done"

5. Check your mail

  • You should see a screen saying "A verification eMail has been sent to you the eMail address you specified. Please click on the link to validate your eMail address and complete the FERC Online registration process."

  • At this point, check your email.  When you get the email from FERC, click the link indicated to verify and complete your registration.

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