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Construction Maps

This area contains PennEast construction maps broken down by township.  These are for the route proposed in teh September 2015 filing with FERC.  This is still a work in progress so if your township or land is not on this site please contact us at

Google Map of Route with Mile Markers


Pipeline Route in Google Maps

Residential Maps


This section contains maps of pipeline construction near houses and other residences and structures.  This is broken down by state, township, and road (or "Other" if we couldn't determine the road).  Click on the road name to go to the construction map.

NOTE: this is only construction maps near structures and does not represent the entire route!




Alexandria Township


Route 513

Stamets Road


Delaware Township

Sanford Road

Hewitt Road

Lower Creek Road

Sandy Ridge Road

Worman Road


Delaware Township/West Amwell Alexauken Creek Road


Holland Township

Stamets Road

Crabapple Hill Road

Dogwood Drive

Gilbert Lateral, route 627

Old River Road

Route 519

Route 627 AR-081

Spring Garden Road

Stamets Road 2


Hopewell Township

Blackwell Road

Mercy Count Route 632

Pennington Titusville Road

Reed Road

Rt 546 and Route 31

Route 546

Route 548 AR-105A



Kingwood Township

Route 513

Barbertown Breezy Point Road

Old Mill Road


West Amwell Township

Alexauken Creek Road

Hewitt Road

Old Route 518

Route 518

Route 179





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